Welcome, traveller! You may relax, for you have not reached the outskirts of yet another dangerous dwelling, but rather the site of publications full with ideas about the name-giving dungeons: Essays conveying ramblings about role-playing style, rule systems, and scenarios; adventures and whole campaigns of different settings await to be tested by your skills in game mastering; and background supplements might inspire you to create a work on your own.

Remember, as always: Have a lot of fun!


SpartanS is a Spartanic System: A minimalist, lightweight RPG rule system for instant gaming. It tries to be implicitly consistent to make the rules as easy to remember as possible. The complete set of rules fits on one sheet of paper—single-side printed! SpartanS needs only one type of die, the D6, which should be almost ubiquituously available. This makes it ideal for spontaneuous, free-style game sessions, even in the local pub!

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Implicit Consitency

Rule systems should be implicitly consistent. That is, an experienced player or game master should be able to deduce a detail rule correctly from general knowledge of the system with an educated guess, and grasp the intrinsics of a system quickly and, above all, coherently.

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